A well-designed strategic board agenda provides an orderly list of intriguing issues and gives sufficient time for discussion. It’s not enough simply to arrange topics in the correct order. It is also essential to have clear guidelines for how to proceed.

To ensure that board members are ready for the meeting, board members must send out the materials at least a weekand ideally a complete weekend ahead of the time. This will allow everyone to go through the reports and note the questions they feel the board should address. It is also important to ensure that the meeting is as easy as it is possible for board members to attend in person or remotely. This is essential to ensure an active and engaging discussion.

It is important to estimate the amount of time each topic will take, so that discussions don’t get fast-paced. Avoid scheduling meetings in a series, as freshboardroom.com this can result in fatigue, and less engagement.

It’s also important to avoid making reports that aren’t tied to the strategic direction of the company. This could result in a confusing mess of numbers and data as every business unit has their own information. It’s hard to establish connections. Be sure to only include the most current and relevant items for the board in the agenda. This will help ensure that the board is able to effectively discuss strategic goals and long-term planning, and also guide the organization.

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