An assessment report is a document that offers a deeper analysis of a specific topic or issue. Assessment reports are typically created to provide a thorough summary of an assessment process however they could also be used to pinpoint the gaps in knowledge or training needs.

For example, an assessment report might include an inventory of strengths and weaknesses that are identified by the SWOT (strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats) analysis. This information is used to determine what developmental actions are required for a particular employee. The assessment report is sent to the hierarchy of the employee for planning.

Another purpose of assessments is to assess the effectiveness of a project or program. Third parties, like professional organizations or academic institutions are able to conduct the evaluation. The evaluation will assist stakeholders in making informed decisions and enhance the effectiveness of a program or a project.

A report on evaluation contains a description and objectives of the program or project that is being evaluated. It also provides a summary of the findings that identify barriers and challenges and offers recommendations. The report of evaluation should be unbiased and clearly convey the findings and conclusions using graphs and tables of data when appropriate. It should also mention any limitations or caveats to the evaluation. This can be achieved by ensuring that the evaluation has been properly designed and implemented, and by incorporating results from studies on literature. The report should be written in a concise and clear way and organized logically with subheadings and headings to make it easier to read.

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