The most reliable computer software is usually the free software. These free programs will safeguard your computer from malware and other threats which could harm it or steal sensitive data. They can help you stay safe when surfing the internet by identifying websites that might contain malicious content, so you don’t download the content onto your device in error.

Freeware contains email and browser programs that anyone can download and install along with antivirus and software updaters. There are many of these programs to choose from and a lot of them are designed to be user-friendly to allow even novices to use them. Freeware is an excellent way to test out a program prior to purchasing it.

In 1982, Andrew Fluegelman coined the term “freeware” to describe the telecommunications software available for IBM PC named PC-Talk. Bob Wallace used it to create his word processor PC-Write. Freeware is distinct from public domain software. Public domain software is made available for commercial and noncommercial purposes, but has not expired or returned to the original copyright holder.

Freeware is different from proprietary software in that users are permitted to modify the program, study it, and redistribute it, whereas owners of proprietary software do not enjoy this freedom. This means they can run the program on any computer system with no restrictions, and for any purpose without needing to discuss their intent with the creator or any other entity that developed the program.

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