When selecting a virtual data room, it is important to be aware of how its features are priced. There are a variety of pricing models, so it’s essential to select one that’s best suited to your requirements. The cost of a specific feature is usually hidden within the base price plan, but this may not always the case. A basic pricing plan should give an affordable price and you can add features as needed.

In addition to determining a suitable feature set, it’s crucial to think about how much storage space you’ll require. Certain VDR providers determine their pricing structure according to the amount of data uploaded to a project. This is a great option for files that are large, such as HD graphics or videos. Some will only allow a specific amount of GBs and charge you for any extra.

A per-page pricing model is a popular pricing model. This model involves the payment of a monthly fee that is based on how many pages are processed by a VDR. This pricing model might seem attractive, but can quickly cost you if you work with a large number of text files.

In addition, some VDR vendors will charge by the amount of Visit This Link storage they utilize, with additional charges for the number of admin users and the amount of data they store. This pricing method isn’t well-known, but it could be attractive if your documents require security and are accessible to all parties.

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