Since the main aim of nft giveawaysnft giveaways is to attract more participants, many giveaway projects offer free prizes after making an initial purchase. On Wizardia, a user can purchase an NFT to stand a chance to win a prize draw every round. The Battle Arena features virtual events and concerts, where all participants take the form of unique NFTs that are minted using ERC 721 smart contract functionality. One of the best metaverse NFT projects, Battle Infinity also hosts an NFT-based sports fantasy league. On this P2E element, players can take part by purchasing NFT passes and win further NFT rewards and trade these digital assets on second-hand markets. Those aiming to register in NFT airdrops or giveaways can check a project’s social channels or official website to learn more about how to register. In this case, the prizes are often collectible tokens, coins, or NFTs to promote their work.

Why do NFT giveaways?

To enhance user engagement and spread awareness about their product, blockchain projects use NFT giveaways, which are analogous to crypto-airdrops. of the project offer free NFTs to cryptocurrency wallets that satisfy specific requirements. Usually, these giveaways take place prior to the project's actual launch.

An online role-playing strategy game, Wizardia features a fantasy world where users can stand a chance to compete for prize pools. Each entrant was handed out points to determine their rankings, with one single performer being given $500 as a reward. In the future, Battle Infinity will look to host more NFT giveaways to promote the multiple P2E ecosystems of this project. With the rising popularity of the NFT use cases, Battle Infinity’s native token has also become a popular cryptocurrency.

Jack Dorsey unveils Bluesky Social, the Decentralized Twitter

Every weekend of an event, the NFT holders will witness their Bloom NFTs blossom into one of seven dessert flowers. This will allow attendees to earn benefits, including food and beverage vouchers, limited edition merchandise and more. All one needs to do take part in the BAYC draw is purchase an NFT pass and stand a chance to win this NFT. The on this draw range from gaming consoles to free Lamborghinis. Last month, Justin Khan’s NFT gaming marketplace Fractal launched on Polygon joining a flurry of web3 companies. In December, Solana-based NFT project y00ts migrated to Polygon.

  • Tamadoge is an exciting new cryptocurrency that offers a play-to-earn environment to offer in-game earning opportunities to investors.
  • You will find brands, NFT influencers, and NFT projects giving away free NFT in giveaways.
  • In December, the NFT y00tsproject was migrated from Solana to Polygon.
  • The platform shows data for all forthcoming NFT drops throughout the next hour, week or month, allowing crypto enthusiasts to keep updated with the most pressing projects.

Just use the hashtags #NFTgiveaways, #NFTgiveaway, or #FreeNFTs, for example. You will find brands, NFT influencers, and NFT projects giving away free NFT in giveaways. As mentioned, there are many kinds of NFTs to choose from and many types of nft/giveaways to enter. Another example is if you’re required to complete a particular task, such as retweeting a post, commenting on a post, or sharing a link. The winner might be chosen at random from all the entrants, just for entering their email address, for example. For most , the prizes on offer will be an NFT product of some kind, such as the case of a digital piece of art, music, or a one-of-a-kind collectible token. This live feed shows the most popular NFT giveaways on Instagram.


The best way to pick up on these hints is to be active across all Illuvium Discord channels. If you’re an NFT enthusiast, you might’ve already noticed that every NFT project has an active Discord server, no matter the size. Its collection was originally made from 4000-year-old art of fabric printing, still authentically practiced in rural parts of Pakistan to this day. Free access to community events, to help save frogs and other creatures in need. Fortunately, from fan art to riddles, communities often reward the clever and talented. For those without the blessing of talent, some shameless promotion, or ‘shilling’ can help.

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Before participating in a giveaway, you should double-check the influencer’s account, nevertheless. Having a Platinum Rollers Club NFT gives you the opportunity to enter the drawing for the reward. Additionally, Lucky Block has released additional NFT collections with tempting rewards to be won. This includes a $1 million British home, a five-day luxury vacation, $1 million worth of Bitcoin, and a BAYC NFT. After each collection is sold out. Such prizes are often held by Twitter NFT influencers, initiatives, and even marketplaces. Simply typing “NFT giveaway” into Twitter’s search bar is one method to locate them.

Top 5 Platforms and Projects for Free NFT Giveaways

However, it till not receive this much attention compared to Limit Breaks upcoming venture. By scanning the code, viewers can access an exclusive NFT collectible. Spaces are limited on this one with only 10, 000 NFTs being made available. Imagine millions are watching this commercial, meaning you’ll have to be in the know to reap the rewards of this drop.

Those holding an NFT portfolio try hard to find the most intriguing new assets to add to their collection. Other projects have begun leveraging social media to promote their airdrop nft. Ape Masters Club offers investors the opportunity to be whitelisted in their projects by following their social media accounts, retweeting and sharing their posts. Thus, there is no minimum deposit required to enter the draws either. NFT projects allow investors to participate in their giveaways in various ways. For example, some of the best NFT giveaway projects, like Lucky Block, mint their own NFTs, which must be purchased to take part in other prize draws.

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This is a tiny fraction of the cryptocurrency market, which is valued at over $1 trillion. However, the NFT market is growing rapidly, and it is expected to reach $20 billion by 2025. The NFT market has exploded in recent months, with a total value of $250 million in 2020. All of this activity has helped Polygon become the leading blockchain for major brands, and the platform surpassed Ethereum in the number of NFT sales in January. Its blockchain offers infinite scalability by leveraging zero-knowledge proofs to process transactions quickly and at the lowest possible cost. All are backed by the robust security features offered by the Ethereum network.

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