Are you fed up of reading revision guides that tell that you must eat healthily, rest and create revision plans? Then, Bright Network skips all that for you. Here are 8 tricks to help you succeed and send you into that test prepared for success.

Tips for how to prepare for exams

1. Make the most of your precious time

The time before you turn off the light is a fantastic time for memorisation. Studying before bed significantly increases memory retension – so when you’re snuggled in bed and you’re asleep, take a short read through the most vital information, equations, or words. Then switch off.

2. Have a wonderful meal

It is important in preparing a great food. The food I’m suggesting is not “brain food” such as nuts or oily fish or a dish you’d consider if you were celebrating and wanted to pamper yourself with something like steak or chocolate tart. This will leave you feeling satisfied and make you feel prepared for the next day.

3. It’s a lot of fun to laugh

Do something that is fun, like watching a comedy movie, having a kickabout or playing with photos on instagram. It’s a great way to relax, decrease stress and help you sleep well.

4. Make sure that you are awake

Make an alarm. Set two alarms. Get a family member or someone you trust to look you up If you’re worried. Be sure that you show up to the test on time.

5. Be aware of when to stop

The next day, you should eat food that is healthy and review your most important details before leaving the house.Read here At our site And then, on the way to the test. As you enter the examination center, you should stop thinking about the exam. If you’re not prepared to this point, you will likely won’t! All that last minute stressing minutes prior, can cause your brain to go into a spin.

6. Use the space

When in the exam room Sit comfortably and spread your arms. It’s been demonstrated that when we physically make ourselves bigger, by spreading our arms or leaning back against the chair, it releases the hormones that gives you confidence. It works – we promise.

7. Don’t drink too much

Don’t drink too much water, a sip every hour is all you require. Dehydration is not going to be an issue during the examination, however drinking a lot of pints of water , and taking restroom breaks at every 5 minutes. The sip is just for an instant distraction to help your mind the chance to rest.

8. Make the best decision for yourself.

All in all, we are all different. Some students prefer to be isolated during their exams, while others blast out motivational music on their earphones. You may be someone who likes to sport their most luxurious pair of heels to boost their fortune. Take whatever you can to put yourself in the most positive state of mind so that you’re set perfect to pass the test.

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